Destination Linux EP75 – Dripping with Sarcasm

Welcome to Episode 75 of Destination Linux Your hosts this week are Rocco, Ryan, Michael, and Zeb. Viewer Email Hi, Big fan of the show, i listen as soon as i can to each new episode. I thought you would be interested to know that Linux is already dominant in the high end VFX world. […]

Destination Linux EP74 – Noah Chelliah – Live at SELF

Welcome to Episode 74 of Destination Linux I’m Rocco and Zeb is here with me and this week we have a special episode of Destination Linux. Michael and Ryan are joining us live from SELF but that’s not all folks, we got more. We are joined by the one and only Podcaster, Talk Show host, […]

Destination Linux EP73 – Ballistic Commodore

Welcome to Episode 73 of Destination Linux Reader Email Hi Rocco, Cheers to y’all for Destination Linux, BDLL and all your individual channels In the latest DL episode, someone made a joke about running Linux on a C64. Here’s a picture that proves it can be done. And with Mint no less.. though after achieving […]