Destination Linux EP81 – Canonical Fanboys

Welcome to Episode 81 of Destination Linux DL Email Hey, Destination Linux crew, I love the show, but one thing greatly troubles me… Ryan “CLAIMS” his car ‘runs linux’, but I am thinking he means that his car ‘boots’ linux.   I refuse to believe these outrageous claims until I see a logo of some sort […]

Destination Linux EP80 – Marc Di Luzio of Unity

Welcome to Episode 80 of Destination Linux This week our special guest is Marc Di Luzio About Marc Former “Linux Group Lead” for Feral Interactive Currently working for Unity You live in a 5 rat household Social Media For Marc Twitter Mastodon Github Unity 2018.2 has been released Thanks to Marc for all the work […]

Destination Linux EP79 – Red Hat Ages Like A Fine WINE

Welcome to Episode 79 of Destination Linux I’m Rocco and with me today is Ryan, Zeb and Michael This episode was live streamed on Youtube & Twitch Sunday July 15th at 12 noon EST DL Email We got lots of great feedback on our Ryan Sipes episode including some additional questions people want us to […]