Destination Linux EP53 – Podcast Meltdown

Welcome to Episode 53 of Destination Linux for 015-18 I’m Rocco and “I’m Ryan” and this is Destination Linux Polishing Discover Center MailSpring Isn’t So Great NEWS Meltdown and Spectre Update Ubuntu Meltdown and Spectre CPU Vulnerabilities: Here’s What You Need to Know Microsoft Halts AMD Meltdown and Spectre Patching Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces security enhancements […]

Destination Linux EP52 – Jonathan Riddell

Jonathan Riddell About Jonathan Canoeist, Quaker and Computer Person. Former developer of Kubuntu The first Ubuntu Core Developer Current developer of KDE Neon Owner of consultancy firm Edinburgh Linux Works with Blue Systems Contributing author to: Linux Desktop Hacks Social Media Twitter Facebook Google Plus Topics KDE KDE Neon KDE Applications KDE Goals for 2018 […]

Destination Linux EP51 – 2017 Finale & 2018 Predictions

Welcome to Episode 51 of Destination Linux for 12-25-17 Merry Christmas! News Ubuntu 17.10 Temporarily Pulled Due to Bios Corruption Ubuntu 17.10 Corrupts the BIOS of Some Lenovo Laptops, Respin ISOs Coming Soon says “The download of Ubuntu 17.10 is currently discouraged due to an issue on certain Lenovo laptops. Once fixed this download […]