Destination Linux EP56 – Erik Dubois of ArchMerge

Welcome to Episode 56 of Destination Linux for 2-05-18 In today’s episode, our special guest is Erik Dubois from Archmerge ArchMerge ArchMerge Info Erik’s Website Twitter Youtube Facebook Google Plus Deviant Art Instagram Nvidia proprietary drivers Install on ArchMerge Admin Patreon Liberapay Destination Linux Apparel Where Can You Find Us This Week Ryan can be […]

Destination Linux EP55 – Goobuntu “Meh”

Welcome to Episode 55 of Destination Linux for 1-29-18 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Is Switching Back To Xorg Debian Is New Choice For Google In-House Distro KDE Plasma Committed To Desktop Icons KDE Plasma Tips and Tricks Pop_OS! Review Are Linux GUI Software Centers Any Good? Intel Graphics On Ubuntu: GNOME vs. KDE vs. Xfce vs. […]

Destination Linux EP54 – Sriram Ramkrishna of System76

  Welcome to Episode 54 of Destination Linux for 01-22-18 I’m Rocco and “I’m Ryan” and this is Destination Linux with Sriram Ramkrishna Twitter @sramkrishna Mastodon New Community manager since September 2017 Worked for Intel for 20 years with the “Open Source Technology Center (OTC) group” Joined the Gnome project 6 months after […]