Episode Spotlight Tips & Tricks
DL229czkawka (system cleaner)ls command tips
DL228cheat.sh (Command-line Cheatsheet)Turn A Raspberry Pi into a Stream Link
DL227ExplainShell.comconnecting to WiFi from the terminal
DL226KDE ConnectMKV To Safeguard Your Video Recordings
DL225Hedgewars (Open Source Game)Game Mode from Feral
DL224Smart Music SyncKdenlive Video Editing Shortcuts
DL223KAlarm (Alarm App by KDE)Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts
DL222Pixelorama (2D Sprite Painter)Custom Search Engines in Firefox
DL221Avidemux Video EditorBlender Benchmark | Phoronix Test Suite | GNOME Disks | GTKStressing | Geekbench (Benchmarking Tools)
DL220Lynis (Security Auditing Tool)Setting Up a Minecraft Server on a Raspberry Pi
DL219Shutter (Screenshot Tool)Docker on a Raspberry Pi
DL218Auto Move Windows & Quick Close Overview (GNOME Extensions)Creating Your Own VPN with WireGuard & a Raspberry Pi
DL217Marble Virtual GlobeScreenly (Digital Signage)
DL216OptimizerPodman Checkpoints
DL215Konsave (Save KDE Plasma Configuration)Deleting Podman Containers
DL214KStars (Astronomy Software)Podman Images and Inspecting
DL213Kexi (database app)Podman Search
DL212Markets (Stocks & Cryptocurrencies)Intro to Podman & Containers
DL211Speedcrunch Calculatorgit help [more info] (git breakdown part 11)
DL210uGet & XDM (Download Managers)git revert [more info] (git breakdown part 10)
DL209nullgit checkout [more info] (git breakdown part 9)
DL208UltiMaker Curagit branch [more info] (git breakdown part 8)
DL207digiKamgit push [more info] (git breakdown part 7)
DL206Notepadqqgit remote [more info] (git breakdown part 6)
DL205Fondogit commit [more info] (git breakdown part 5)
DL204rkhuntergit config [more info] (git breakdown part 4)
DL203OnionSharegit add [more info] (git breakdown part 3)
DL202JackHack96 PulseEffects Presetsgit clone [more info] (git breakdown part 2)
DL201Git (version control system)git init [more info] (git breakdown part 1)
DL200Gitbook (Documentation Creation)Cal (CLI Calendar)
DL199Photorec/var [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 16)
DL198PHD2 Guiding Software/sys [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 15)
DL197LMMS/srv [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 14)
DL196Our Favorite Browser Extensions | Container Tabs/usr [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 13)
DL195Nextcloud/sbin [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 12)
DL194 RawTherapee (Photography Tool) /run [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 11)
DL193 LFTP | SeedSync /root [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 10)
DL192 MusicBrainz Picard (Audio Tagging) /proc [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 9)
DL191 Bandwhich /opt [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 8)
DL190 Super Productivity /media [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 7)
DL189 Pywall /lib [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 6)
DL188 BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) /etc [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 5)
DL187 Ciano (Video Converter) /dev [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 4)
DL186 ProtonMail Bridge /boot [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 3)
DL185 Natron (after effects alternative) /bin [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 2)
DL184 SyncTube / and /tmp [more info] (filesystem breakdown part 1)
DL183 MPV (media player) wmctrl (command line window management)
DL182 Solfege (Ear Training Program) How To Reset A Forgotten Root Password [more info]
DL181 Stellarium (use it to find aliens?) Untrunc (Fix Broken MP4 Videos)
DL180 Tux Typing Increase Your Terminal History Size [more info]
DL179 Photopea (photoshop alternative webapp) fzf (command line search)
DL178 AudioMass (audio editor webapp) echo [more info] (command)
DL177 GNOME Weather | Meteo | wttr.in Bash Shortcuts (Community Submitted)
DL176 Scribus (desktop publishing app) ps / pstree / pmap [more info] (command)
DL175 Okular (KDE's Document Viewer) youtube-dl | Invidious
DL174 ksnip (screenshot utility) Draw.io (webapp for diagrams and charts)
DL173 /dev/null /dev/null
DL172 Timeshift The magic of curly brackets on the command-line
DL171 CMatrix (terminal matrix effects) learn a random command with shuf
DL170 Atom | Sublime Text (Text Editors) Clearing Your Terminal (shortcuts)
DL169 RaspiSignage Raspberry Pi Telegram Bot
DL168 GitLab xprop (command)
DL167 SoX KDE Global Shortcut for muting a microphone
DL166 Imaginary Teleprompter shopt (command)
DL165 Dia shred (command)
DL164 Stacer (system optimizer) Keyboard Shortcut to Show Hidden Files (Ctrl+H)
DL163 Grub Customizer Cut & Paste in Terminal
DL162 ShellCheck Control Sudo Timeout Period
DL161 Flatseal Mic-Lock Microphone Blocker
DL160 MediaGoblin lslogins (command)
DL159 FreeCAD Xiki
DL158 /dev/null /dev/null
DL157 Veracrypt yes (command)
DL156 Virtual Machine Manager Intel PRO/1000 Pt Dual Port Server Adapter
DL155 CMus Backlight (External Monitor) | Display Data Channel | XRandR
DL154 Parted Magic cp -p to preserve ownership
DL153 Nethogs Orchid Core VMS
DL152 KDE Education Suite | WikiToLearn Raspberry Pi into a ONVIF IP Camera
DL151 PulseEffects effects for pulseaudio Tab Complete & dothis (tabs in scripts)
DL150 Bitwarden open source password manager TurnKeyLinux library of system images
DL149 Synaptic | Muon (package manager) Diceware (passwords method)
DL148 Drill (file search) Telegram tips & shortcuts
DL147 Falkon (web browser) df (diskspace monitoring) | USB Kill
DL146 nmap (network scanner) zenmap
DL145 PiHole (ad blocking) FeedFry.com (RSS on-the-fly)
DL144 xmind (mind mapping) SailfishOS Guide
DL143 App Outlet Podcast Linux Apps (forum thread)
DL142 John The Ripper (password cracker) Rivendell (Automation)
DL141 Picard (music tagger) DLN Mumble Server (voice chat)
DL140 USB Guard rpl (text replacement)
DL139 espeak (text to speech) OpenVPN
DL138 Signal (messenger) Video Wallpapers (KDE Plasma)
DL137 Photoflare (image editor) EncFS | CryFS | KDE Vaults | SiriKali (file encryption)
DL136 FreeOTP (one time passwords) script (record shell)
DL135 Ukuu SyncThing (bash scripts syncing)
DL134 TLP (battery optimization) pkill
DL133 Pinta (image editor) Multitail
DL132 ProjectLibre (Microsoft Project alternative) Feral Interactive Game Mode
DL131 Peek | SimpleScreenRecorder FFMPEG
DL130 nextcloudpi (nextcloud on raspberry pi) Be My Eyes (mobile app for visually impaired)
DL129 Pinebook Pro (ARM laptop) VIM archive tip
DL128 Deluge | qBittorrent (bittorrent clients) && (sequence commands)
DL127 Xournal++ (notes & pdf annotation) Cylon (Arch Maintenance)
DL126 Alien (package converter) nohup
DL125 /dev/null /dev/null
DL124 /dev/null /dev/null
DL123 Deja Dup (backup utility) tail
DL122 /dev/null /dev/null
DL121 linuxappstore.io [deprecated] iotop (disk monitoring)
DL120 Kindd (ISO to USB) Distrotest.net
DL119 PDFArranger bc (cli calculator)
DL118 fsarchiver LVFS & fwpupd (firmware updates)
DL117 Key-Mon (keyboard status monitor) wget | curl (download utilities)
DL116 Hugo (Site Generator) Tilix | Roxterm | Yakuake (terminal apps)
DL115 Natron (motion graphics editor) DDRescue (data recovery tool)
DL114 Peek xkill
DL113 HardInfo (System profiler) GameHub (games manager)
DL112 Konversation | Hexchat | KiwiIRC | Weechat | Quassel | Irssi (IRC clients) Zsync
DL111 Variety | Wallch (wallpaper changers) Psensor (hardware monitoring)
DL110 Flameshot lmsensors (hardware monitoring)
DL109 Jami Messenger Getting kernel & Mesa info
DL108 VIM Adventures (vim game tutorial) head & tail (cli tools)
DL107 Visual Studio Code (text editor) sudo !! (repeat with sudo)
DL106 Mstream Lynx | W3m | Browsh (terminal web browsers)
DL105 eDEX-UI command-line insults
DL104 MultiBoot USB vimtutor
DL103 PDFArranger Story Bundle
DL102 Tor Browser z (productivity tool)
DL101 Bleachbit Common Terminal Shortcuts
DL100 Whalebird Calibre Open Book Directory
DL99 Synfig (2D Animation Software) cd (cli tool)
DL98 SimpleScreenRecorder Guake | Yakuake | Tilda | Tilix | QTerminal (drop down terminals)
DL97 Simplescan | Skanlite | Paperwork column (cli tool)
DL96 Joplin (notes) Zsh | Tcsh | Fish (alternative shells)
DL95 FDUPES (find duplicates) Auryo (SoundCloud client)
DL94 Simplenote common Zoom factor shortcuts
DL93 Glances (system monitoring) Snaps related tips
DL92 Remmina (remote desktop) Handbrake (media converter)
DL91 Searchmonkey | fd xdotool
DL90 ClamAV xkill
DL89 Grub Customizer Apropos (search for commands)
DL88 Midnight Commander (file manager) find | locate | Catfish (file search)
DL87 Meld | Kompare DNF History
DL86 /dev/null /dev/null
DL85 Etcher ISO to USB many Xfce tips
DL84 GNOME Logs | KSystemLogs (Log Viewers) Ranger (file manager)
DL83 GPick | KColorChooser (Color Pickers) at command utility
DL82 Guvcview Webcam Tool Alt Key Window Resizing