The History of Destination Linux

  • 7.0 - Ryan, Michael, Jill & Noah

    October 28, 2020

    Version 7.0 has Jill join Ryan, Michael & Noah as hosts bringing the total number of hosts back to 4. This version of the show also has introduced new branding and a refreshed design for the effects and presentation for the show.

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  • 6.0 - Ryan, Michael & Noah

    February 12, 2020

    Version 6.0 has Ryan, Michael & Noah as hosts in a 3 host show. This version of the show also has introduced new branding and a refreshed design for the effects and presentation for the show.

    Zeb decided to leave the show for personal reasons and if you want more info on that, watch episode 160 of DL.

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  • 5.0: Ryan, Michael, Zeb & Noah

    October 31, 2018

    Version 4.0 was going well and we continued to try new things each and every week. Michael began discussing potential collaborations with Noah Chelliah, his former LAS cohort, and eventually the discussion moved from collaboration to becoming part of the show so then it was time to spice it up. Noah from the Ask Noah Show, and formerly of the Linux Action Show, agreed to join us in our journey to spread our passion for Linux.

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  • 4.0: Ryan, Michael & Zeb

    August 10, 2018

    This version of the podcast was bittersweet because Rocco, one of the founders, left the podcast because he couldn’t devote the time that he felt it deserved so instead of hurting the podcast he graciously stepped back to allow Destination Linux to continue on its journey. Destination Linux continued with a 3-Host set of Ryan, Michael & Zeb to expand and test our limits of podcasting.

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  • 3.0: Rocco, Ryan, Zeb & Michael

    February 12, 2018

    Along our journey of growing, we asked ZebedeeBoss to help us out with the behind the scenes aspects of the podcast including being the liaison to the patrons. He did such an excellent job with it and showed a great amount of dedication that we asked him to join the podcast as a co-host. We also had Michael Tunnell from, host of This Week in Linux, and former producer for the Linux Action Show, join us as a guest host. Michael fit so well with the rest of Destination Linux that we asked him to join us as a permanent host to share knowledge of all things Linux.

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  • 2.0: Rocco & Ryan

    July 23, 2017

    We all have times in our life where time is a valuable commodity and does not allow us to continue with our hobbies. Rob has since moved on because of being heavily involved with his personal business. It was a pleasure working with you Rob. We made a search for another co-host for Destination Linux and Ryan stepped in with a highly focused viewpoint from the gaming aspect and a good vantage point from the new users in the community.

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  • 1.0: Rob & Rocco

    Aprilk 3, 2017

    Rob and Rocco started out by just discussing Linux and how much they loved exploring everything about it. After many talks and discussions about our favorite subject, they started recording those discussions and posting them on Youtube because the conversations were a lot of fun to have and most of all were down to earth and based on our real world experiences from two average everyday guys running Linux. They decided to create the Destination Linux podcast out of their love for Linux and because people enjoyed watching.

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