We just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year and say that we did take this week off to spend time with Family but we will be kicking off 2018 on Monday January 8th with Episode 52.

We have some exciting guests lined up for 2018 along with Linux & Gaming news so don’t miss and episode!

Thank you to each and every one of you who watch on Youtube or Listen through the audio podcast.

Feel free to send us your feedback at comments@destinationlinux.org

You can also send us suggestions on who you would like to see on Destination Linux

Thank you to all of you and Happy New Year!

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  1. Perhaps you’ve already done so, but I wish you guys could interview some of the Debian/Arch fork developers who are creating non-systemd distros, such as Devuan and Artix. These distros are so fragile, with lack of personnel and funding, that I think giving them a voice on your podcast would be a great help in giving them voice. Devuan just might take off, after 3 years or so, but distros like Artix are hanging by a thread, and UbuntuBSD folded this last year. Anyway, just my new year request.

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