This episode we discuss the new codename and potential features of Ubuntu 19.04, System76 unveils their Thelio desktop, Microsoft porting sysinternals to Linux, Samsung brings Ubuntu to the DeX, and we discuss some of the latest software and project releases of KDE Connect, i3 Window Manager, and Neptune Linux. Later in the show, we’ll discuss some Linux Gaming news which many of us are excited for a really silly but fun looking game coming out to Linux. All that and much more including our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!

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Topics covered in this episode:

Ubuntu 19.04 Features To Expect

Neptune 5.6 Released

I3 Window Manager v4.16 Released

KDE Connect 1.10 Released

Microsoft Porting More Tools To Open Source

System 76 Unveils It’s Thelio Handcrafted Desktop

All In One Water Cooling For Linux

AMD The Next Horizon

Samsung Dex Brings Linux To Mobile

Monstrum Horror Game On Linux

Skateboarding Birds Coming To Linux

Tips & Tricks:
Customizable Linux Shell Options:
Everything in Linux is customizable including the shell. Most users probably utilize whatever shell (likely Bash) that comes with their distro by default. However, there are some powerful shell options out there to try out.
Zsh – designed to be interactive and it incorporates many features of other Unix/GNU Linux shells such as bash, tcsh and ksh.
Tcsh – is enhanced C shell, it can be used as a interactive login shell and shell script command processor.
Fish – “friendly interactive shell” and was authored in 2005. It was intended to be fully interactive and user friendly.

Software Spotlight: