On this special episode of Destination Linux, Zeb has returned to the DL Lineup and we are joined by a friend of the show, Noah Chelliah, for a special 4 Host episode. Noah Chelliah of the Ask Noah Show and, formerly of, the Linux Action Show joins us to talk about the Feren OS snapshot, MorpheusArch Linux, Linus Torvalds’ return, Firefox 63, Etcher 1.4.5, Lightworks for Linux, Pine64’s Linux Smartphone plans, and Ubuntu Statistics. All that and much more including our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!

Hosts of Destination Linux:
Ryan, aka DasGeek = https://dasgeekcommunity.com
Michael of TuxDigital = https://tuxdigital.com
Zeb, aka Zebedeeboss = https://youtube.com/zebedeeboss

Special Guest Host:
Noah Chelliah of the Ask Noah Show

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Topics covered in this episode:

Feren OS Has A New Snapshot

MorpheusArch Linux

Linus Torvalds Is Back

Run Ubuntu 18.10 On Rasberry Pi

Firefox 63 Released

Etcher 1.4.5 released

Lightworks For Linux

Pine64 Considering Making A Budget Linux Smartphone

Ubuntu Statistics Released

Daemon_9 Releases With Linux Support

Kingdom Rush Origins Out For Linux

Tips & Tricks:
Increase/decrease/reset zoom factor in a browser
Simple to use on a browser ctrl+”+” to increase the font size and ctrl+”-” to decrease the font size and ctrl+”0(zero)” to return it to Browser default settings – usually 100%

Software Spotlight: