On this very special episode of Destination Linux, we are joined by a friend of the show. Noah Chelliah of the Ask Noah Show and, formerly of, the Linux Action Show joined us as a guest host this week. In this episode we talk about a wide variety of topics including ArcoLinux, Ubuntu 18.10, Linux Kernel 4.19, Ubuntu Touch OTA-5, a Nuclear Reactor Startup goes Open Source. All that and much more including our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!

Host of Destination Linux:
Ryan, aka DasGeek = https://dasgeekcommunity.com
Michael of TuxDigital = https://tuxdigital.com
Zeb, aka Zebedeeboss = https://youtube.com/zebedeeboss

Special Guest Host:
Noah Chelliah of the Ask Noah Show

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Topics covered in this episode:

Happy Birthday KDE

ArcoLinux 18.10 Released

Linux Kernel 4.19 Releases Next Week

Linux Vs Windows Benchmarks

Ubuntu 18.10 Released

Lubuntu 18.10 Released

Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Is Out

Chrome OS Moves Linux Apps In Stable Channel

Nuclear Reactor Startup Transatomic Goes OpenSource After Closure

Proton Beta 3.16-2 Is Out For Valve

Descenders Gets Multiplayer and More

Tips & Tricks:
We’ve talked a lot about Snaps lately so figure we should talk about some of the commands available for Snaps to make you a more powerful user
snap revert – reverts package to previous version along with data
snap find – “media players” will search snap store for media players
snap info – to get information about a specific snap
Channels – –stable, –candidate, –beta and –edge Ex: snap install –channel=beta vlc

Software Spotlight: