On this episode of Destination Linux, we cover some new distro news including some exciting beta releases. We also talk about some security related news and hardware. We also go on a search for the Real Zeb because this guy can’t be him and then we’ll round out the show with Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks. All that and much more!

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Michael, with TuxDigital = https://tuxdigital.com
Zeb, aka Zebedeeboss = https://youtube.com/zebedeeboss

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Topics covered in this episode:

Ubuntu 18.10 Beta’s Out

KDE Neon 18.04 Is Officially Out

Solus 3.9999 ISO Refresh Is Out

New Linux Distro Only For Windows 10 Users

Elementary OS Juno Beta 2 Is Out

Openshot Adds Animated Video Masking

Purism launches Librem Key

Yubico Launches YubiKey 5 Series

UEFI Root Kit found in the Wild

Megasphere Game Updated For Linux

Fantasy Strike Now Available on Linux

Tips & Tricks:
– While Linux is very stable as a rule there are times when you need to kill an application that is working incorrectly.
– One of my favorite commands to kill a frozen windows is xkill. When you type this command in a terminal you get a cross hair cursor and any window you select is forcefully terminated

Software Spotlight: