On this episode of Destination Linux, we discussed the BIG NEWS for Linux Gaming thanks to Valve and CodeWeavers. Lubuntu announced their plans to switch to Wayland using Mir. Flatpak reachers the 1.0 Milestone. Intel revealed that there are 3 more security holes. Then we’ll talk about Deeping Linux and some potential reasons to maybe perhaps possibly, switch to BSD? We’ve got some more Tips & Tricks as well as a cool Software Spotlight. All that and much more!

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Michael, with TuxDigital = https://tuxdigital.com
Zeb, aka Zebedeeboss = https://youtube.com/zebedeeboss

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Topics covered in this episode:

Happy Birthday Debian

Lubuntu Heads Adds Path To Wayland

Deepin 15.7 Released With Improved Performance

6 Reason Why Linux Users Switch To BSD

Opera 55 Released

Flatpak 1.0 Released w/ Lots Of Improvements

Change Your FileSystem In Place Without Losing Data

Want to Listen to DL On Your Desktop – Try Podcasts

Three Data-leaking Security Holes Found In Intel Chip

Nvidia Announces New RTX 2000 GPU Line-up

AMD GPU Pro Driver Now Available for Ubuntu 18

Valve’s BIG Proton News for Linux Gaming

Graveyard Keeper Is Now Out For Linux On Gog

Xfce Tips & Tricks:

  • Create your own dock in Xfce by creating another panel and autohiding
  • Use my monitor switching script on Github to add shortcut key to move windows between monitors.
  • Xfce-goodies install (extra artwork, quick launchers, etc.)
  • Xfce has a layout switcher – called Xfce PanelSwitch so if you don’t like the default layout you can easily try something else

Software Spotlight:

Etcher – Reliable, simple and it’s fast. Most people may say to DD but there are mistakes that can happen with dd so we normally recommend Etcher.