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Hey, Destination Linux crew,

I love the show, but one thing greatly troubles me…

Ryan “CLAIMS” his car ‘runs linux’, but I am thinking he means that his car ‘boots’ linux.   I refuse to believe these outrageous claims until I see a logo of some sort that Ryan has produced ACTUALLY USING this ‘linux’ on his car.  That’s right. I’m calling ‘bogus’ on this, until Ryan offers proof-positive that his car RUNS linux by producing something with inkscape or gimp USING HIS CAR.

I admit, I was skeptical when he professes his love for linux, but uses an iPhone to make phone calls. (Android, as google-fied as it may be, is certainly closer to the linux family than iOS)

Seriously, though. Thank you for the show each week! I don’t miss an episode, and, like Ryan, I also work telecom… It’s a welcome relief to hear the friendly linux-centric banter while I go about my I&R (install and repair) business day.

PS: I’m not sure if Michael knew this, but KDE is SO customizable,  I’ve even found an option that you can ‘like it’ or ‘not like it’ in the settings!!!



Distro News

Canonical Fixes Boot Failures on 16.04 and 18.04 LTS

Linux kernel security update for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)


Debian Based Slax 9.5 Released


The Ultimate Linux Distro Is Here


Neptune OS 5.4 Released

About Neptune

Modicia: Ultimate Linux with a Twist

Modicia O.S.

Lubuntu Taking A New Direction

Software News

Launching A Paid Application On Linux

Hardware News

Dell XPS Developer Edition w/ Ubuntu

Forbes Gives 5 Reasons To Switch To Linux Now

Jason Evangelho


Minecraft SNAP Get’s Updated

PolyGod FPS Launches Next Month




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Rocco can be found at www.bigdaddylinux.com

Ryan can be found on youtube at www.youtube.com/dasgeek

Zeb can be found on youtube at www.youtube.com/zebedeeboss

Michael can be found at www.tuxdigital.com

All of us can be found on Big Daddy Linux Live! Which is on every Saturday night on the BigDaddyLinux Youtube channel


@bigdaddylinux @dasgeekchannel @TuxDigitalcom @zebedeeboss

I would like to thank each and every one of you for listening and watching every week. It has been some of the best times doing this show with Ryan, Zeb and Michael.


Destination Linux is going to continue. But the format naturally has to change as Rocco handled many critical tasks of the show specific to editing.

During this transition period we’re going to have to do some testing and maneuvering with the show format and how we bring the content to you each week. Our primary focus will continue to be the podcast itself and making sure we’re keeping the patrons and our audience informed.

Everybody have a great week and remember the Journey ITSELF is just as important as the Destination