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We were corresponding with Yannick, a.k.a. the French guy from Switzerland recently and he brought to our attention the Raspberry Pi turning Raspbian into a complete desktop OS. We love when our listeners bring these cool projects to our attention and giving us some of the use cases for them. Here is what he has to say:

As for your last question : the Raspberry Pi Foundation took Raspbian – the awesome OS that runs on all of my seven Raspberry Pis ? – and turn it into a complete OS for PCs and Macs, and they named it Raspberry Pi Desktop – go figure…

It looks exactly the same as Raspbian, but runs on x86 architecture – and also x64 but there are no 64 bits ISO. It is definitely one of those “lightweight” distro. It runs super fast – even in a VM -, but it’s not really sexy.

The main advantage I see with that distro is the fact that I can test my programs – did I mention I am a Linux developer ? 🙂 – with the comfort of my PC before I transfer them to the Pi. That, and the fact that I can install it and make it run on my mum’s 10-year old laptop !

Anyway, you don’t have to take my word for it, go check it out by yourself !

Thanks again for your message and for the great show ! It’s always a pleasure to notice a new episode in my podcast app.

Cheers !

Yannick, a.k.a. the French guy from Switzerland

Distro News

Developer Preview: Juno Beta 1 Is Here

For those of you who caught the livestream and want to know. The elementaryOS Juno wallpaper is a diagonal gradient between 2 colors going from top left to bottom right.

The top left color is:

RGB = 69,41,129

Hex = #452981

CMYK = 47,68,0,49

The bottom right color is:

RGB = 113,53,178

Hex = #7139b2

CMYK = 37,68,0,30

Redcore Linux Hardened 1806 released

Linux Mint 19 “Tara” Officially Released, It’s Based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Linux Mint Blog

Upgrade Instructions from 18.3

Mintbox Mini 2 Ready to Ship

Xfce 4.13  Now With More Xfce

Manjaro 17.1.11 Released

Fedora 29 to Change DNF Repository Metadata Compression

Phoronix Yum Thing

YUM thing

SUSE Linux Sold for 2.5 Billion

Swedish private equity group EQT

Software News

‘Next Gen’ Kdenlive Is Almost Here — But It Needs Your Help

Kdenlive bug tracker.

This week in Usability & Productivity, part 25

GitHub Repositories of Gentoo Linux Hacked!

Gmail App Developers Are Reading Your Email

YouTube Music Support Arrives in Google Play Music Desktop Player

Google is Now a Platinum Member of The Linux Foundation

Free Video Editor OpenShot 2.4.2 Released With 7 New Effects, Improved Stability


Play OverWatch on Linux

Steam Linux Use For June 2018 Comes In At 0.52%


The very sweet looking point & click adventure ‘AntVentor’ now has Linux support

Never-ending shoot ’em up ‘I Hate Running Backwards’ is now on Linux

Playing Spelunky Classic HD on Linux is now just a Snap away

GamingOnLinux is officially 9 years old this week

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Google Reportedly Planning To Enter The Gaming Market

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