Welcome to Episode 71 of Destination Linux

Today on the show we have a special guest Dustin from Ubuntu Budgie

Dustin Krysak



Ubuntu Budgie

Download Ubuntu Budgie 18.04

Episode 44 Interview

Minimal Install Blog Post  – feels too minimal. Do you have the ability to add more into this or is it set for good?

Ubuntu Budgie opportunities page

Github issue page




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  1. This message seems to be truncated. What would you like me to edit? Are you talking about the episode pager itself? Where do you need it submitted?

  2. this was a weird bug from the wordpress/discourse plugin adding a thread to the forum for the old episode of DL 71 and I didn’t know it would do that when I made an update to the episode. I was changing the download link for the new platform. As soon as I was made aware this happened I unlisted all the episodes from the forum. They are still accessible for commenting but do not show up in basic list displays because I did this for like 70 episodes and so it did it for all of them kind of making it look like a bunch of spam lol

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