Welcome to Episode 69

Your hosts this week are Rocco, Ryan, Zeb and Michael and this is Destination Linux.

What have you been up to this week?

Python Dev Kit Humble Bundle

Colin from PCTLC video on Pop!_OS


English Bob

Distro News

Pop!_OS 18.04 Released

Fedora 28 Comes With New Software Modularity

Additional Info

KaOS Celebrates 5 Years With A New ISO Release

Bunsen Labs Distro Released

Additional Info

Linux Mint Says They Won’t Collect Personal Data

Release of Cinnamon 3.8

LXLE Migrates to 16.04

Additional Info

Korora Project Hits The Pause Button

Additional Info

Missing Project Leader For Void Linux – MIA


Canonical Partnering With Snap Developers

Once a day, the service examines snaps that have manifest.yaml files reliable eco-system for please post a bug report

Ubuntu 18.10 Codename Is Out Of This World

Mozilla Proves It Could Care Less About Timing – Sponsored Links

GIMP 2.10 Released


Philips Wants You’re Attention – Releasing 43inch 4k Gaming Monitor

Nvidia BFGD 65”


AMD Launches Combat Crates – CPU, Motherboard, RAM, GPU Combo

NVIDIA Releases 396.24 Driver For Linux

Other News

Attention All 330 Million Twitter Users – Change Your Password


What I’ve been playing: Trine 3 Artifacts of Power

Atari VCS Gets A Pre-Sale Date

War Brokers Out For Linux – Early Access

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Coming to Linux

Stardew Valley Cross Platform Multiplayer Is In Beta




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