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Your hosts this week are Rocco, Ryan, and Michael and this is Destination Linux.

Show Changes Take 2:

  • No paywall
  • You still get the podcast however you want it and have been getting it before
  • We’re moving the recordings to Sunday
  • We’re going LIVE
  • Podcast will come out on Fridays instead of Monday is the only real change


ArtistCaleb – check him on Twitch or Youtube

Distro News

Ubuntu 18.04 Flavors Are Out!

AV Linux Gets A New Release

XFCE Settings

X.Org 1.20 RC5 Released w/ EGLStreams To Let Nvidia Work With Wayland

Cinnamon 3.8 Desktop Environment Now Available In Arch

Softpedia Article

Microsoft Releases Its Own Linux Distro

Fedora 28 Releases May 1st


Learn How To Use Github

FFmpeg 4.0 Released

Release Notes

Android Is A Vulnerability Mess But We Knew That

Google Accused of Showing ‘Total Contempt’ for Android Users’ Privacy

Native Linux Apps Chrome OS Get Adapta Look

More Google News – Google Is Testing a New Chrome UI


AMD Releases Second Gen Ryzen CPUs


What I’ve been playing: Salt and Sanctuary

Rise of the Tomb Raider Is Out For Linux

Strafe Millenium Edition Out For Linux

Unpatcheable Hack

Twitch-O-Matic Rasberry Pi Project




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