Welcome to Episode 63

Your hosts this week are Rocco, Ryan, Zeb and Michael and this is Destination Linux.

Show Note Links


Karl Schneider – who provides awesome artwork for the Linux Community

Distro News

Ubuntu Mate 18.04 New Layout

Antix 17.1 Released

Zorin OS 12.3 Released

Zorin OS Blog

LG Open Sources webOS

Linux Mint Is Slow But Will Get Faster

Linux Mint Blog

Nathaniel Graham Details KDE Improvements

Gnome 3.28 Released

Umm, GNOME Shell Has a Rather Big Memory Leak

Omarine Linux Release

Software News

Canonical Announces Mozilla As A Snap

Mozilla Joins Opt Out Party


What Have I Been Playing:  Mighty No. 9

Battle Royal Browser Based Game – Survivio


Battle Royal Browser Game – Unsung Heroes


Do Video Games Make You Violent?




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