Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 06 You’ve Got Mail for 1-20-17


Valve Rolls Out New Steam Client Stable Update with Promised Linux Changes

Mesa 17 Gets a First Release Candidate, Final Planned for Early February 2017

Canonical Patches Nvidia Graphics Drivers Vulnerability in All Ubuntu Releases

Canonical: 2017 Will See a Mir 1.0 Release, Plans to Implement Vulkan Support

Solus to Move to GNOME 3.22 Stack Soon, Adopt Linux 4.9 and Bulletproof Updates

Solus Goes Flatpak for Better, Reliable Distribution of Third-Party Applications

Get Ubuntu 16.04.1, Linux Mint 18.1, elementary OS 0.4 & Zorin OS 12 on One ISO

Nylas Mail is now free!

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Late Night Linux

Joe and Jesse are keen users of Linux with several years’ experience of Desktop and mobile tinkering.

Ikey is the founder and lead developer of Solus – a distro that he built from scratch with a focus on desktop optimisation.

Félim is Linux administrator and developer with specialisations in Asterisk & QueueMetrics development/integration and system monitoring.


From Alan

Heyo! After watching the last podcast, I really took a step back to look at the very core concepts of Linux. Even after using nothing but Linux for over a year and a half, I really find it fascinating

From Torin

* How did ye come up with your usernames?

* Regarding the AUR — even though dodgy software is unlikely — isn’t there always a trust issue.

Cheers guys.

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