Welcome to Episode 59 for 2-26-18

Your hosts this week are Rocco, Ryan, Zeb and Michael and this is Destination Linux.

This week we cover

Ubuntu Adds Minimal Installation Option 18.04

Users Upgrading can Opt-In instead of Opt-Out for data collection

Fossbytes article

OMGUbuntu Article

Plasma and Solus 4 Updates

Plasma – The road to perfection is paved with bugs

Plasma 5 perfection: call for development

This week in Discover (and Kirigami!), part 6

GNOME 3.28 Beta Released With Many Improvements

UBports Continues Working On Unity 8, Developer ISO Coming

Unity8 on the Desktop

Canonical Donates Phones To UBports

Purism Plans To Bring Convergence to Its Linux Phones & Laptops

Why You Shouldn’t Use Waterfox Palemoon or Basilisk

SMPlayer 18.2.2 Released

KDE Amarok Music Player Receives Revived Port To Qt5 / KF5

Kdenlive Beta via AppImage

Snapd 2.31 Gets Better Wayland Support Via Mir

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Feral Gives Another Gift To Linux: Total-War-Britannia-Linux

WHAT THE GOLF? A silly physics-based anti-golf game will support Linux

The Communist Dogifesto, a sci-fi FPS built on Linux is now out and it’s open source

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Listener Question/Comments:

Apple employees keep walking into their new HQ’s glass walls




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  1. Hello!

    The episodes recently does not seem embedded on the site, rather there is only a YT link that takes you away from the main DL site. Or is this a meant change?

    1. Hello Heidi,
      Thank you for the heads up. That was due to not formatting the post correctly. I believe I have fixed that on most of them. If you notice any others just let me know. Thank you for the feedback.

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