Welcome to Episode 46 of Destination Linux for 11-20-17

Today on the show we have a special guest

Alan Pope (Popey)

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Ubuntu Member

Ubuntu LoCo Member

Ubuntu Membership Board

Some information on Alan’s Bio

Alan has been a Community Manager at Canonical primarily working on Ubuntu for devices but is pretty much anywhere and everywhere that Ubuntu is.

He first encountered Linux in the mid-1990s, and ran Red Hat then Debian on the desktop and server until Ubuntu Warty came out. Alan has been using Ubuntu since 4.10 – the Warty Warthog and never looked back.

Previously Alan spent 13 years working as a system admin on some evil German proprietary software, but did what he could for Ubuntu and Linux in his spare time.

Alan became an Ubuntu member in 2006 and has in the past been the contact person for the UK LoCo team, a member of the LoCo Council and a member of the EMEA Membership board and the Community Council. He quite dislikes forums. Alan likes cats.

Setup and ran the Screencast Team which aimed to create a set of tutorial videos for new Ubuntu users. As part of that he managed the Ubuntu Screencasts Site. Since then Alan has now handed this over to another Ubuntu member.

Often runs development releases of Ubuntu early in the cycle to provide testing, bug reporting and triage help.

Helping to organise OGGCamp – a barcamp style unconference.

The Ubuntu Podcast

Started the Ubuntu Podcast and continue to co-present, mirror, co-produce and co-manage the show along with a few other members of the UK LoCo Team Mark Johnson & Martin Wimpress

UBP has around 3,000 core subscribers with each episode downloaded about 10,000 times. You also recently hit 1.4 million downloads which is quite an achievement for a niche podcast.

Guest Host on other podcasts like Bad Voltage

Blog about Ubuntu

ROFL Learn not to be like this


Ubuntu 18.04 Daily Builds are now available

The schedule of the release of Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver with given dates are as follows:

  • 4th January 2018 – Alpha 1 (Not Public Release – opt-in)
  • 1st February 2018 – Alpha 2 (Not Public Release – opt-in)
  • 8th March 2018 – Beta 1 (Not Public Release – opt-in)
  • 5th April 2018 – Final Beta
  • 19th April 2018 – Release Candidate
  • 26th April 2018 – Final Release

Ubuntu Devs Want to Know How You Feel About Guest Sessions in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

New system sounds in 18.04? HT to Phoronix

Ubuntu Is Looking for a New Theme

Suru will be the default icon theme in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Papirus Icon Theme 2017.11.02 Released


This Week in Solus – Install #48

Brisk Menu 0.5.0 Released


Redcore Linux 1710 on DistroWatch

Redcore Linux version release.


What I’ve been playing: ‘ This War of Mine’

  • 28k Overwhelmingly Positivie Review on Steam
  • Play as a group of civilians trying to just survive a war ridden besieged city
  • Try to get food, shelter, supplies, and keep your group from getting sick. Do all of this while trying to maintain some morality.
  • Truly experience the horrors of war.
  • On sale through Nov 28th for 3.99 vs. 19.99. Though I feel this game is actually worth $19.99

Beastmancer, a monster taming tactical RPG is now on Linux


Official Site


Trüberbrook, a beautiful adventure game with Linux support, is on Kickstarter

Official Site



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  • Rocco and Ryan will be playing Rocket League live this week on DasGeek Channel
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Twitter @dasgeekchannel @bigdaddylinux

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Have a great week and remember the Journey ITSELF is just as important as the Destination

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