Welcome to Destination Linux for 10-30-17

This week we will be covering………….

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • LXqt
  • Xubuntu
  • Antix
  • Linux Mint and the latest gaming news

But first, we have a viewer email

“I bought a second hand hdd from a sale the local school had. It’s a 2tb western digital blue I installed it, got it mounted and used it for about an hour before it became inaccessible. Reformatting at this point left me w a chunk of inaccessible data. Now either hdparm or disks put its status as frozen. From my understanding this can be fixed by power cycling the hdd without power cycling the computer? I’m wondering if this will be a continuous problem on this drive? Would the easiest solution be to put it in an external case?”


Noah J. Chelliah from the “Ask Noah Show”


A business owner of Altispeed a company that provides network infrastructure, backend, client-side front-end, and tech support.

Former host of the insanely popular “Linux Action Show”

Jupiter Broadcasting Bio Page

And now with your own show. You are the host of the “Ask Noah Show”


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is Called ‘Bionic Beaver’

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Likely Ship With Linux 4.15

30th November: Feature Definition Freeze
4th January: Alpha 1 release
1st February: Alpha 2 release
1st March: Feature Freeze
8th March: First beta release
5th April: Final beta release
19th April: Final Freeze
26th April: Stable Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release

LXQt 0.12 released With Better HiDPI Support, More Robust

Release LXQt 0.12.0

Xubuntu 17.10 released!

antiX-17 released

Linux Mint Throws Its Weight Behind Flatpak

Linux Mint Will Discontinue Its KDE Edition

Official Announcement

Coffee – A News and Weather App for Linux


What Have I Been Playing:

TF2 w/ Rocco Jungle Inferno Update & CS Go w/ Dustin Krysak (Ubuntu Budgie)

If you thought we were bad at Rocket League – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Hand of Fate 2 Release on November 7th

The next three major Steam sale dates have been leaked

Close-combat FPS ‘Return to Planet X’ is now on Linux, it’s actually not bad at all

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Coming To GNU/Linux Soon!

Bundle Stars is becoming Fanatical


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Where Can You Find Us This Week

  • Rocco and Ryan will be playing Rocket League live this week on DasGeek Channel
  • Friday Night Live on the BigDaddyLinux Channel

Twitter @dasgeekchannel @bigdaddylinux

A big thank you to each and every one of you for supporting us and Thank you For Watching Destination Linux

Have a great week and remember the Journey ITSELF is just as important as the Destination

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  1. Thank you for linking to my “Euro Truck Simulator 2 Coming To GNU/Linux Soon!” post,
    But those news are from 2013, it’s been out for Linux for quite some time (and ATS too).
    However it’s a great game that I recommend everyone to play.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on that. It came through my RSS reader linking to your site and I didn’t look at the date…DOH!! It’s not the first time I made a mistake and surely won’t be the last. Either way, it’s a good game to cover.
      Do you use telegram?

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