Welcome to episode 41 of Destination Linux

AIM Shutdown: AOL Instant Messenger alternatives

Purism Meets Its $1.5 Million Goal for Security Focused Librem 5 Smartphone One Week After Surging Past the 50% Mark

KDE Plasma 5.11 Officially Released With Vault, Better Wayland & More

Official Announcement

Ubuntu 17.10 New Features, Release Date and Upgrade Procedure

Chakra 2017.10 “Goedel” released

Development Release: Xfce PulseAudio Plugin 0.3.1

Mozilla pilots Cliqz engine in Firefox to slurp user browsing data

Firefox + Cliqz Privacy Notice

Mozilla changes review process for Firefox WebExtensions

Google Chrome Now Uses Native GTK Window Buttons on Linux

Russia reportedly stole NSA secrets with help of Kaspersky—what we know now

DHS bans Kaspersky from U.S. government networks

NVIDIA 387.12 Vulkan vs. OpenGL Performance Across Multiple CPUs

It’s OK To Suck At Games Our Rocket League Theme?


What have I been playing:

Those still using AIM messenger will love this week’s pick. Star Wars Dark Forces

BATTALION 1944, a competitive WW2 FPS looks like it may come with Linux support

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Just Shy Of 2 Million Concurrent Players

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Release

Humble “Endless RPG Lands” Bundle


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Where Can You Find Us This Week

  • Rocco and Ryan will be playing Rocket League live this week on DasGeek Channel
  • Friday Night Live on the BigDaddyLinux Channel

Twitter @dasgeekchannel @bigdaddylinux

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