1. I’m not going to lie. The next couple of things I want to play with in the Linux world is an immutable desktop and distrobox. I’m not a distro hopper anymore and am quite happy with Fedora 38 KDE. That being said there are two features which really make a distro stand above the others. First is offering the choice of DE during the installation process and offer the option of installing multiple DEs. Endeavour does this and I loved using it the several years that I used it. A lesser alternative to this is for the DE to have configuration presets to radically change the UI of your desktop. Mate did/does this and it is a great feature. The second is for the non-rolling distros is that the OS needs to offer a version upgrade process like Fedora and Pop!_OS do. Because Pop! does, it should be fairly straight forward for Ubuntu to offer this as well.

  2. Once a Distrohopper, forever a distrohopper!

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