Welcome to Episode 32 of Destination Linux


Solus is going to adopt Snaps

Maketech Article about Snaps

Random Wallpaper GNOME Extension

Ubuntu 17.10 Wants to Ship Sushi By Default

Tails 3 Offers Easy Anonymity for All

Tails 3.1 released with important security updates

Latte Dock v0.7

Unofficial Deb file download

What’s new in OBS Studio 20.0

Firefox 55 Is Ready To Shine With Performance Improvements

Password guru regrets past advice


Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Radeon Gaming Performance With Linux 4.13 + Mesa 17.2

Goken Early Access released for Linux

Sudden Strike 4 Releases Today Aug 11th


Hey guys,

I’m currently listening to this week’s episode of Destination Linux, & I have a suggestion about GRUB that may be useful. If you want Ubiquity to not install grub, running “ubiquity -b” will be of use to you. In my experience, it hasn’t stopped Ubuntu from automatically mounting my EFI partition when I log into my Ubuntu partition, but it does prevent Ubuntu from overwriting the existing GRUB on the EFI partition.
I hope this helps. 🙂


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