1. @dasgeek I would buy a SteamDeck 2 ONLY if it didn’t have an OLED screen. I think OLED is the absolute worst. It’s like going back to CRTs. OLED gets burn in and degrades. OLED is great in year one, maybe year two, but beyond that it is is just terrible. I look for OLED in the specs for new phones and will not buy it just based on that.

    I am probably the cheese that stands alone but I am not a fan at all of OLED at ALL.

    Lovely show!

  2. Another great thing about the Steam Deck is that Valve have worked hard to make it easier to repair than most other game consoles. They have even partnered with ifixit, so you can get official replacement parts and guides to repair. #righttorepair

  3. I totally agree. That is a fantastic feature of the SteamDeck. This gives me incredible levels of confidence in the product and the company.

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