Welcome to Episode 30 of Destination Linux


Adobe Is Finally Killing Flash (Yes, Really!)

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Users Can Now Install the Linux 4.10 Kernel from Ubuntu 17.04

Ubuntu Alpha 2 Releases – If you want to help test or download the Alpha 2 releases


Ubuntu Budgie

Ubuntu Mate



Get a New Desktop Wallpaper Each Day with this Extension for GNOME

KDE Plasma Spell Out Its Vision Statement: Durable, Usable, Elegant

Ring 1.0 Released

USB 3.2 promises twice the performance of USB 3.1


NVIDIA has released the 375.82 and 384.59 drivers

Most Feral Games Are Currently Broken On Mesa Git, RadeonSI Also Has A Steam Issue

AMD Q2 Earnings Signal The Beginning Of A Turn-Around

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 vs Intel Core i7-7800X: 30 Game Battle!

Firefox 55 Starts Up Faster, Uses Less Memory

Firefox Marketshare is ‘Falling off a Cliff’, Says Former Mozilla CTO

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