Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 03 for 12-31-16

Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully nobody was bad enough to get Windows 10 for Christmas

Top 3 Distros of 2016 in no particular order



Desktop Environment of the year

KDE desktop


Open shot 2.2 release with new 4K video editing!

Cyanogen & CM shutting down. CM lives on as Lineage OS

Plasma 5.8.5


App Pick of the Week

With a Rating system 1 to 5 Penguins and if something is over the top it will receive a 5+ which = The big daddy penguin.


Rob = 4.5

Rocco = 4

Great channels for learning how to use Kdenlive

Kris Occhipinti

Jeff Linux Turner

Linux Hopes For 2017


  • Pick a direction and perfect Snap Usage
  • Better uniformity in GTK and QT (Controls etc.)
  • Plasma Mobile with Lineage OS.


  • Improve Snaps or create more Appimages for all programs
  • Enhance KDE settings to get back to amount of settings kde4 had.

Youtube Comments

From Arch I386


From RK

I have successfully installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS on my Mac Mini as a dual boot system. I also got rEfind installed manually on my Mac. The thing is that rEfind can’t seam to boot Ubuntu. I did figure out how to boot into it from a recovery boot in Advanced Systems. I have it all setup, and it is working well, except for that. Do you have any sage advice that could help me solve that boot up problem?

Thank you to all who listen and watch the show.

Rob and I would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year to you and your families


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