1. Hey everybody. It’s my friend, and my guy, and a good candidate for a fourth DL host, Gardiner.

    I’ll probably check this episode out later today.

  2. Avatar for Strit Strit says:

    Just to let you guys know.

    This has not appeared in my RSS feed yet.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  3. Same and also with 278: Fedora 36 Interview with Matthew Miller. I just kind of baselessly assumed sometimes interviews don’t make it to the podcast feed.

  4. Gardiner did a fantastic overview of of the deep problems within Mozilla organization on his Youtube channel on Sept 2, 22. I listen to all DLN podcasts but they seem to avoid discussing the real issues with Firefox and I’ve actually Emailed them to talk about it in the past, but I suspect they wish to avoid a less-than-positive topic like this. Firefox is a shell of its former self and has become Google’s apple-polisher and that’s a big problem Gardiner discussed very candidly and professionally. I suggest everyone watch/listen to that video since Mozilla is an organization that we need restored to its former glory.

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