1. Michael, you are awful and you don’t like Free Software.

  2. (He likes Libre Software.)

  3. (He’s also pretty ok.)

  4. The funny thing about the free vs libre debate from my point of view is the word “libre” means “free as in free beer” here in the Philippines so the term won’t work here. It can mean freedom but it’s very rarely used in that context.

  5. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    I’m still catching-up on shows but seeing this reference to Debian, couldn’t resist hopping onto the relevant section – Debian Stable having been my daily driver for approaching ten years now.

    I find option 3 most attractive: both versions labelled official, one labelled with additional drivers needed that are non-free, and possibly required for newer hardware (and yes, I also agree adopting Libre as a preferred term, and that this would take a long time to change).

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