This week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re going to talk about the Classics of the distro world. Then we’re going to discuss some updates to Audacity. Plus we’ve also got our famous tips, tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux. So whether you’re brand new to Linux and open source or a guru of sudo. This is the podcast for you.

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  1. Avatar for zoof zoof says:

    What was the Slackware based distro y’all were talking about that has a variety of DEs avaliable?

  2. That one is new to me. Though another project I really like and also used is Salix.

  3. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    Thanks, everyone - I think this one might go down as an all-time favourite. Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I’d give Fedora an honourable mention too, as the desktop version of Red Hat did morph into that when Red Hat moved to Enterprise only. I remember finding that to be a bit of a jolt at the time, because I had been using Red Hat from the days when it came in a box, with CD and manuals! Slackware was also my first though!

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