Welcome To Episode 25 of Destination Linux


Solus Announcement

Ikey Doherty leaves Intel and becomes a full time Solus developer

ROSA Fresh R9 LXQt released; It can smoothly work with 512 MB of RAM

Rosa LXQt Edition’s Flexibility Sets It Apart

KaOS 2017.06 GNU/Linux Distribution Released with KDE Plasma 5.10 and Qt 5.9

Linux Mint 18.2 Xfce Beta

Launchers can now be edited from the context menu.
Desktop actions are now supported.
Category names can be hidden in the preferences.
Applications load immediately.
This new version also brings translation updates and bug fixes.

Linux Mint 18.2 KDE Beta

Zorin OS 12 Lite Beta Adopts Xfce as Default Desktop Environment Instead of LXDE

Plasma Vault Makes It Easy to Create Encrypted Folders on the KDE Desktop

Canonical Preps New PPA for Ubuntu 17.10 Users to Test the Latest Linux Kernels

Ubuntu Desktop – GNOME Extensions poll results

Ubuntu Reveal Results of GNOME Desktop Survey

Firefox 54 arrives with multi-process support for content

Firefox 54

Firefox 54 Is Rolling Out on Ubuntu, but Multiprocess is Disabled

Logitech Power Play

Ubuntu Budgie

Dustin Krysak – System Administrator

David Mohammed – Project Founder/Leader






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