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Ubuntu 17.10 Daily Builds Now Shipping with the GNOME Desktop Instead of Unity

  • Gnome is now the default Desktop
  • LightDM has Gnome as default but also has a Wayland session available
  • Unity session has been removed
  • GDM to replace LightDM
  • Final release date is October 19th 2017

GNOME is now the Default Desktop in Ubuntu 17.10 Daily Builds

Ubuntu Works with GNOME to Improve HiDPI Support on Linux Desktop

GNOME Shell 3.26 Will Have Translucent Top Bar

  • Top bar will be Translucent by default and turn Opaque when a window is maximized
  • There are extensions that do this right now but it will be default

Dash to Dock Now Supports Multi-Monitor Setups

  • Dash to Dock v59
  • Checkbox to “Show on All Monitors”
  • Replicates the dock on both screens
  • Setting to change the behavior of clicking on an icon with multiple windows open

How to Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode in GNOME Shell

  • Install
  • Drop down menu and click the preview on
  • Pick your window

Which GNOME Apps Should Ubuntu Include By Default? [Poll]

MX-16.1 released with support for Adobe Flash

  • Improved system installer

Supports home folder encryption (experimental feature)
Fix for partition boot flags for certain systems

  • Autoinstall now works for UEFI systems.
  • Official Adobe Flash included on the iso, with permission from Adobe. MX-Flash is not on the iso and is now deprecated. Adobe Flash package will work with BOTH Firefox AND Chromium (includes original classic NPAPI and the PPAPI plugins ie: pepperflash)
  • New default theme and new MX-Linux wallpapers.
  • MX-Defaultlook and MX Panel Orientation have been merged.
  • MX-Defaultlook now includes options for “top or bottom” placement of the horizontal bar, Improved backup and restore
  • New MX-Packageinstaller, (as a supplement to synaptic)
  • Updated Manual in html and pdf formats.
  • apt-notifier has many bug fixes, right-click menu improvements, and a choice of icon themes under preferences (classic vs. mx16).
  • New MX-Linux sourceforge site for iso hosting.
  • Jessie 8.8 base

Linux Mint 18.2 “Sonya” Cinnamon – BETA Release

Cinnamon 3.4

  • Icons can now be automatically aligned on a grid, either in lines or in columns.
    They can also be automatically sorted in various ways: By name, by size, by type or by modified date.
  • You can also change desktop icon sizes with a click of a button, and desktop icons are now handled in their own separate process, which isn’t tied to other nemo windows.

Cinnamon Spices

  • Cinnamon Spices website was rewritten from scratch
  • The goal wasn’t only to make it look better. More secure than before and attempting to guarantee better quality and better compatibility
  • The site supports oauth authentication via Google, Facebook and Github so you can  comment and like your favorite spices
  • The maintenance of the spices themselves was moved to Github and every single change is now reviewed by the Linux Mint team to guarantee spices cannot be used for malicious purposes
  • Anyone can provide bug fixes and translations to Cinnamon spices
  • Both the Authors and the Linux Mint team is now directly involved in the maintenance of all Cinnamon spices. Many spices were removed, many were fixed, many were updated and the team is now able to add support to spices not only for current versions of Cinnamon but even for upcoming ones.
  • We’re getting closer and closer to a situation where everything “just works”, where quality spices are easy to find and where they work in your language.

Linux Mint 18.2 “Sonya” MATE – BETA Release

  • MATE 1.18 with GTK3

Softpedia Article

New Features

Just one week after the launch of the KDE Plasma 5.10 desktop environment

  • Bugfixes
  • KDE Plasma 5.10.2 on June 13
  • KDE Plasma 5.10.3 on June 27
  • KDE Plasma 5.10.4 on July 18
  • KDE Plasma 5.10.5 on August 22

Kubuntu Plasma 5.10.1 now in Zesty backports

Ubunsys Gives Ubuntu Power Users Easy Access to Scary Options

  • Installed today
  • Needs some work – but is still in dev.
  • Adds PPA’s, etc like welcome. But a 3rd party – may want to check what it is adding.
  • Seems to need a lot of BG access – expected.
  • Some of the option like repairing PPA actually rely on other tools that need to be installed from 3rd party PPA’s – but no dependency, just not found – like the y-ppa-manager, but available in the options to install.

Chrome 59 arrives with

  • Some updates for the other OS’s like mac notifications
  • 30 some bug fixes
  • To avoid over-prompting users, Chrome will now temp stop an origin from requesting a permission following the third dismissal of that permission request.
  • Some cosmetic changes like a material design overhaul in the settings page
  • The Image Capture API allows higher resolution images than before. That means developers get full control over camera settings such as zoom, ISO, and white balance.
  • Seems to be mostly developer related updated
  • Stuff like:


New SteamOS Stable Release Launches with Linux Kernel 4.11, Mesa Graphics Stack


Mesa 17.1.2 Open-Source Graphics Stack Brings 70 Improvements to Linux Gamers

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Requirements for Linux and macOS Revealed

Intel vs. Radeon vs. NVIDIA OpenGL/Vulkan Linux Driver Performance

klocki is a beautiful casual puzzle game that recently released for Linux



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