This week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re discussing a very difficult topic about toxicity, is eating our own holding Linux back? We’ll also talk about self-hosting your own VPN and Pine64’s PineTime Open Source Smartwatch. Plus we’ve also got our famous tips, tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux. So whether you’re brand new to Linux and open source or a guru of sudo. This is the podcast for you.

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Segment Index

  • 00:00 = Welcome to DL 236
  • 00:41 = Announcement: DLN MEGAFest on Sunday August 22nd
  • 02:35 = Community Feedback: Self-Hosting VPNs
  • 08:56 = Digital Ocean: Managed MongoDB ( )
  • 10:30 = Is Eating Our Own Holding Linux Back?
  • 33:05 = Bitwarden Password Manager ( )
  • 34:31 = Pine64’s PineTime Open Source Smartwatch
  • 43:55 = Linux Gaming: MMORPG Tycoon 2
  • 46:52 = Software Spotlight: Mailspring Email Client
  • 49:25 = Tip of the Week: wipefs
  • 51:05 = Linux Community Events: openSUSE Asia Summit & Nest with Fedora
  • 52:38 = Outro


  1. That’s my kind of episode, very thought provoking.

    Borrowing from the theme i’d like to add a few…

    • Without fortitude everything will eat you.
    • Without good will, you’ll always be hungry.
  2. Quick reaction to the title: It could be improved a bit - Its the kind of sentence that doesnt have a punctuation, but reading it with wrong pauses causes a bit of confusion.

    With that said, I am reserving this episode for my next commute.


  3. Oooff… I knew this follow-up would come. I slept on it and still no good idea.

    Maybe “Misplaced Passion - Is our inarticulateness and unkindness holding Linux back?”

    Its longer than I’d like but it seems to summarize the sentiment well.

    Only because it is the default install. No one really installs Edge on purpose.

  4. Thanks everyone, really enjoyed the variety of topics in this episode!

    I’m trying to think when I first became a regular viewer of DL - must be about two years ago now, and one of the things that most impressed me about the content was how balanced it was. Not idealistic content that ignored challenges and problems and yet thoroughly positive, encouraging and cohesive. It’s why I was delighted to sign-up to this forum, for example. Thankfully I’ve managed to stay clear of internet forums where the toxicity resides, remembering I also didn’t engage when such arguments used to break out “flame war” style back in the old days of usenet newsgroups (I think they were called).

    I guess for some people, especially in frustrating times, venting online might be their outlet, though I doubt it helps anyone in the long-run, themselves included. To my mind, the essence of open source is in working together, not in grabbing all one can get for free then moaning if something doesn’t work “just so”.

    On a lighter note, although I’m not much of a gamer, the simulations you mention remind me of “Theme Hospital” which I used to play on my PC back in the 90s. It was hilarious and I’d happily buy it to run in retro emulation!

    I’m all for being a pine-o-neer, though I’ve barely spent anything on my computing needs of late due to circumstances. I’m curious about the development kit for the PineTime too; might be fun to play with :slight_smile:

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