Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 22 for Monday May 29th

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Hi Rob and Rocco,

Just thought I’d give a shout out to my new favourite podcast, thank you both for all of your hard work, and on your respective YouTube channels too.

As self-confessed distro-hoppers I was wondering if you could discuss elementary os and maybe a focus on minimalism in distros – being ill right now gave me an epiphany that I used to distro-hop like crazy until I landed on elementary. When I started using it, I felt trapped because it’s not as flexible as (for example) KDE and hated it until I realised that it has its own work flow that prevented me from breaking it – now I rely on it and can’t imagine switching. Is this minimalist approach key to stability in the Linux desktop? When I can configure a desktop, I find I will and then I inevitably switch to another distro when I break it – but when I can’t tinker with it, I get things done more effectively and am more likely to stick with it.

Sorry for the short essay, thanks, and keep up the great work!

Kind regards,
William Willis Whinn

Mentions: Elementary Tweak & Elementary Plus (Missing Icons)

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