This week on Destination Linux, we’re going to discuss Google’s involvement in open-source with the Summer Of Code and hiring developers to work on the Linux kernel. We are also introducing a new segment to the show with special guest, Bo Weaver joining us to talk Hacking & Security. We’re also discussing SUSE targeting CentOS defectors with their latest change for openSUSE Leap. Later in the show, we’re going to discussing a SIM of the entire universe, which of course, you can play on Linux. Plus we’ve also got our famous tips, tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux. So whether you’re brand new to Linux and open source or a guru of sudo. This is the podcast for you.

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  1. Awesome show as usual guys and girls, I always look forward to a new episode.

    I particularly enjoyed the segment by Bo.

    The content you guys create is awesome(DLN) but it’s nice to add a bit of extra spice here and there. I’d love to hear more about his physical penetration shenanigans as I’m a listener to Darknet diaries.

    Thanks for a great podcast.

  2. The illustrious Bo Weaver recommending wipe for secure erase.

  3. Was it Noah that geeked out over that tool immediately? Thanks for linking, I’d made a mental note to check it out and forgot! Also, that is one of the best and funniest man pages to read.

  4. Thanks, everyone - loved the mix in this show :slight_smile:

    I really do think a bit of competition from Europe could help everyone, as you say, so hope Canonical and RedHat are watching closely too! I tried Tumbleweed in a VM a few weeks back after the interview and at the time it seemed to be failing to provide sound, so I removed it. Must have just been unlucky on my part and I know it updates regularly so hopefully next time I try it, it’ll be plain sailing.

    Bo’s contributions to the show are much appreciated. Quite scary, some of his news today though. I’m glad I still prefer USB over cloud. And I vote in favour of retaining “Hack Snack” for the name, especially as I’ve not seen any alternatives offered yet either :grinning:

    Mmm, I remember the old days when Google seemed the coolest place to work, such an antidote to… erm… other Big Tech firms, let’s just say, no names mentioned, though I’m tempted :wink:

    I’m not a gambling man, otherwise I’d be interested in the odds on how quickly @jill_linuxgirl or @MichaelTunnell 's civilisation goes under :upside_down_face:

  5. Hey DLN Pod Team,

    Great show, and thanks for sharing all the information :slight_smile:

    I don’t want to provide any input that is not necessary so if this Pi Project sharing I am doing this weekend below is not needed, just gloss over lol :P.

    Today I was listening to this episode and right when Noah mentioned projects related to Pi’s I wanted to share what I am planning to do for myself to help solve a solution need at my house that might be interesting to your team and the community.

    Disclaimer: I have NOT yet done this project yet but planning for this weekend.

    Project: Load Raspberry Pi OS onto a Pi3B+ to provide an Ethernet to WiFI Bridge for my sandbox server in a room with no router access.

    Source for Information: Bridge internet to Ethernet from WiFi - Raspberry PI


    My son (4yo) is super cute and at night misses me. So, he wants me to move my server (OpenSuse 15.3 Beta! BOOM!) to my upstairs guest room. Sad panda part… there’s 0 network access. To run a Cat 6(+) would be… not worth the wall running. While searching for consumer grade WiFi bridges with Ethernet bound port, I noticed my Pi3B+ just sitting there with no SD in slot and thought “Hmmmm… hardware and learning project. Worth it.” Also, I remembered Noah sharing in a recent past episode how he had to help provide a commercial client internet source without an option to hook directly to the switch or nearby router.

    So, that’s the nutshell of what I am planning to do with a Pi this week and how it relates to your point made in the podcast for Pi projects sharing.

    Thanks for the great line up of shows. I love them all and recommend them often :slight_smile:

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