Many dream of starting their own business one day. Well this week we’re going to have some fun and plan out our own start-up company using only open-source software. Whether you have your own business or plan to start one in the future, this is a segment you don’t want to miss. We’re also covering a new decentralized app that’s made it’s way to the market and we will be covering the SUDO vulnerability that’s hit every major Linux distro out there. Plus we’ve also got our famous tips, tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux.

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Software mentioned in this episode

This is not an exhaustive list of the software mentioned, there may be some missing from the list. If you are aware of anything we mentioned but did not provide a link to please leave a comment on the forum thread and we’ll update this list asap.


  1. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    Thanks, everyone - I think this goes down as one of my favourite episodes for all the laughs :laughing: Highlights of the show have to be Michael and Noah’s “sales pitch”/impersonations!

    Excellent roundup of open-source suggestions for businesses - very impressive! Have to say though Atom’s never really appealed to me, partly due to my dislike of JavaScript and partly due to its almost webapp origin. I find myself trusting both vim and emacs more for smaller coding tasks, or even gedit or kate for that matter, but either Netbeans or Eclipse for larger projects. Guess it comes down to personal preference!

    Movim sounds great. I used to be quite a fan of pidgin and jitsi (desktop app) some years back too which I believe both supported xmpp, though these days I’m pinning a lot of hope on matrix clients like Element.

    I’ve been following the git intro every episode of course, and besides your tips I’d also like to recommend “Pro git” (quite a chunky text) which is available for free download including for Kindle as I find that quite useful too :slight_smile:

    Really looking forward to visiting @jill_linuxgirl 's museum including actively sitting in the stool room :wink:

  2. Aahhhwww, thank you @ak2020!! :heart_eyes: Teehee! :wink: Can’t wait to see you!!! :hugs: And we will name one of the stools after you in your honor!! And we can have @MichaelTunnell do the christening!! LOL :joy::penguin::penguin::penguin:

  3. Avatar for woose woose says:

    Great show last week. Ryan’s talk about got me interested to try it out, and it’s a pretty good app. Even with just one cam in a hallway, I went through the “hot points” for two days and was quite amused by what it picked up (on a Raspi 4.) Very slick interface and I’m sure it would be pretty amazing with a few more cams.

    On another topic, does anyone have an opinion on using XMPP with OMEMO end-to-end encryption enabled? My friend and I use Matrix/synapse/dendrite (whatever name you prefer) but have found using the psi+ client (or Conversations on Android) with OMEMO is a really better experience overall. (Just my opinion.) I do love matrix, but xmpp is a little faster as the server frequently gets bogged down. Also the voice calling works very well. Is the security level any different using xmpp with OMEMO E2E encryption than matrix?

    Regards and thanks for the great shows,

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