This week on Destination Linux, we’re going to discuss our new years resolutions BUT for Linux and open source in 2021 . . . we’re also going to head to Jill’s museum of computers on a treasure hunt through her stash of technology. Then we will, discuss some long awaited changes coming to Snaps. We’ve also got our famous tips, tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux.

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  1. Haha! Good bye 1080p… I just got up to 1080p.

  2. @MichaelTunnell is building a bridge so @dasgeek can get over it. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

    Super entertaining episode and now resides as one of my new favorites! Let’s keep more like this going!

  3. 1080p is still standard despite what you wish for it to be. Most of the game assets, graphics, UI are designed with a 1080p in mind. Everything else is scaled upwards from there because that is currently what is popular and what can run reasonably well framerate.

    This will always be the case until we get cards (and monitor-videocard cords for that matter) that can run 4k120hz smoothly.

    The minimum requirement for 4k to go popular is for the cheap and popular line of cards (think 2060/1660/3060) to be able to run 4k60hz games consistently and smoothly. RIght now all the recent/modern AAA games still fall around 75hz with all settings set to ultra on a 4k max bling setup which doesnt justify the price you pay for a non-120hz experience.

    If a new standard will be the accepted, it would probably be the 1440p. It is not a clean multiple of 1080 like 4k is. It is however the maximum reasonable ppi that laptops can do. 4k on laptops feel excessive on a 15 inch display and is also harder to drive with any video card.

    What i really want is for HDR to take off but people would rather have a larger resolution. Also there isnt much content for HDR particularly for older content.

  4. I found the reference to facial recognition in DigiKam pretty cool. I was really bothered with the facial recognition that showed up in Google Photos. It tried to get me to name all the people and add their information and how they were related to me. You bet I didn’t do that. However, an open source, privacy respecting version of this feature would actually be incredibly useful.
    Here is a OMG Ubuntu article on the DigiKam facial recognition feature and the release notes for DigiKam 7.0 that describes it in depth.

  5. I have found that by ‘accidentally’ getting the wrong name with the wrong face (i.e. naming family members with names of celebrities, politicians, animals, or even everyday household objects) tends to freak out the google algorithms a good bit.

    “Bring it on, Google. Let’s see how well Machine learning handles sarcasm and satire.” :stuck_out_tongue:

    (I’m guessing I’m not the only one playing this googlegame, judging from the seemingly unrelated images that appear in google search results.)

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