On this week’s episode of Destination Linux, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new exciting Pi and an Nvidia entering the arena as well with their own Pi-like competitor. We’ve got some great news this week from Dell as they are pushing to improve privacy on their laptops for use with Linux. In our gaming section we give Noah that first person shooter, 360 no scope throwback that he’s been asking for and of course we have our popular tips/tricks and software picks. All of this and so much more this week on Destination Linux.

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  2. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    Thanks everyone - very fun and informative show again :slight_smile:

    Until even a week ago I would have said when I can afford new hardware, PinebookPro is probably what I will buy. Having watched today’s show, I am likely to buy the NVIDIA board for experiments in machine learning next. My masters project was on neural networks, back in 1995, though I didn’t take up offers to continue with research in that field for PhD thereafter. Of course hardware support has accelerated the use of AI rapidly in today’s world. When I was an undergraduate the term AI was used more for rule-based learning, e.g. using Prolog (which was frankly never a favourite of mine).

    The Raspberry Pi 400 has also overtaken the Pinebook Pro on my next buys list. I think it’s awesome, and @jill_linuxgirl, I still have my C64 and Amiga too (on which I learned to code in BASIC, 6502 assembler, Pascal and C), though I’m not sure they will run now, due to the power supplies being a bit flaky. Also their composite output may not work with modern televisions. I’m not sure. I certainly find LCD devices a lot easier on the eyes than CRTs used to be!

    Looks like Episode 200 is going to be a big one! I probably will end up having to watch recordings though due to multiple family commitments, but I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

  3. Avatar for Strit Strit says:

    Nice coverage of the Raspberry Pi 400 and Nvidia Jetson Nano. Just up my ally.

    The Raspberry Pi 400 is a great device. I’ve got mine (and yes, Manjaro does run on it, just needs updated wifi/bt firmware, which we are working on) and in my mind, the biggest improvement on this over the standard Raspberry Pi 4, is the SD card spring! That is something I have wanted for years, since I found out that all the Pine64 devices have that (except the phone). The keyboard has a nice feel to it, but sadly it’s not available in my preferred layout.

    I also have a Jetson Nano 2 GB developer kit and it’s a great device if you just want to use the Ubuntu it is “shipped” with. But. I want to get Manjaro ARM working on it, but I have found no information about how to flash the uboot bootloader to it, except using their special scripts, which I am not gonna do. It needs to work with DD, else it’s worthless for distro maintainers.
    I’m at the point, where I actually seriously consider just DD’ing the first couple of MB’s off the Ubuntu drive, onto my Manjaro test image. Just to see if that would actually work.

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