This week we’re going to take a look at Cloud Migration & Backup Strategies and we ask the question what should your personal cloud strategy be. Then we’re going to take a look at Ubuntu 20.10 and see what new features are available in this latest release. Then we discuss the DMCA takedown of Youtube-dl tool and whether this puts other open source tools at risk or is fair game for protecting content creators revenue. In our gaming section we talk about streaming your PS4 games to Linux! Later in the show, we’ll give you our popular tips/tricks and software picks. Plus so much more, on this week’s episode of Destination Linux.

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  1. Great episode! Jill is probably by favorite guest host at this point.

    I appreciate the shout out @dasgeek it is always great to know you guys are taking time to consider feedback.

  2. Avatar for Ulfnic Ulfnic says:

    3rd Jill episode for me, thanks for making it on such short notice. :slight_smile:

    Imho the stool belongs to the community, Michael’s studio is merely a Louvre for DLN heritage and much like the Mona Lisa he rarely shows his thumbs on account of their delicate nature.

    The stool should have a sponsor for charity. Highest bidder gets to decide what’s placed on the stool for the next 6 months excluding the 7 times a year Michael actually sits on it. Much as the Arc de Triomphe is most valuable in Paris, the stool is most valuable slightly to right of Michael’s shoulder and who WOULDN’T want to choose what dons the pride of DLN? We all know i’m right, make it so.

  3. That would be a great way to raise funds for the TBA charity. Stool Time.

    It’s called active giving.

  4. Avatar for Ulfnic Ulfnic says:

    Active giving!!

  5. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    Thanks everyone - great episode as usual - always especially fun to see @jill_linuxgirl again! Wow, @MichaelTunnell, gotta say I never thought I’d see you trumped, but her $3 stool out-bargains you three-fold :wink: I have to say it sounds as if Gnome is creeping-up quietly on @dasgeek. I have hope(!) Seriously though, I agree the 3.38 version on Fedora is quite a lot nicer than 3.30 which I run daily on Debian. Hmm. Mixed feelings about youtube-dl takedown. Hope it’s not the start of a trend.

    (Don’t suppose anybody’s noticed, but after months, I’m finally up-to-date with my DL series of podcasts!)

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