This week We’re going to take a look at what’s new for KDE’s latest Plasma 5.20 release! We’re going visit the Quantum Realm to discuss Quantum Computing and an article Red Hat released about the subject including what sysadmins will need to do to manage in this new realm without an Ant Man suit. In our gaming section, we’re going to be howling at the moon because this week we’ll be checking out Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest. Later in the show, we’ll give you our popular tips/tricks and software picks. Plus so much more, on this week’s episode of Destination Linux.

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  1. Avatar for Ulfnic Ulfnic says:


  2. Avatar for Ulfnic Ulfnic says:

    Know the difference, don’t be fooled by DLM!!


    Spotting a Michael fake:

    1. Michael has a beard
    2. No stool in background

    Spotting a Ryan fake:

    1. Ryan wears a DasGeek green/black hat
    2. Ryan doesn’t put his posters in picture frames

    Spotting a Noah fake:

    1. Noah doesn’t need to transpose a nuclear shelter background
    2. Looking at camera instead of Matrix documentation

    DigitalLake is a total knock off of DigitalOcean, I tried their service once but couldn’t make it very far.

    Don’t buy DLM mugs thinking it’s DLN! DLN is a mug funded show, Patreon, Sponsus and non-mug merch counts as one or several mug purchases. Show your support!

    Compare to the real DLN:

  3. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    Thanks, everyone, very interesting show! I agree Quantum Computing has the potential to completely change everything. Not sure how soon its use will become widespread though. Fascinating physics underlying the concepts - I’m very behind on my reading for that but hope to catch up in the near future!

    Also I’m currently installing Plasma on Fedora 33, so let’s see if it manages multiple DEs as flawlessly as Debian does :slight_smile:

  4. Avatar for ak2020 ak2020 says:

    This is hilarious :rofl:

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