The DL Triforce discuss the subject of Proprietary Software in Linux. Does proprietary software belong in Linux, do we even need it? We also have some awesome news from Blender with their latest release & from ProtonMail with Proton Drive. We then head to our gaming section where we take a look at Shing, a ninja based beat-em-up game. Later in the show we’ll give you our popular tips/tricks and software picks. Plus so much more, coming up right now on Destination Linux.

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  • 00:00:00 = Coming up on DL190
  • 00:00:39 = Welcome to DL
  • 00:00:55 = What Noah has been up to
  • 00:03:16 = What Ryan has been up to
  • 00:07:59 = What Michael has been up to
  • 00:08:53 = Digital Ocean – Cloud Hosting & VPS (
  • 00:10:27 = Communit Feedback: If you HAD to choose . . . Windows or Mac?
  • 00:15:38 = News: Blender
  • 00:21:25 = News: Proton Drive
  • 00:26:35 = Security Advisory: WiFi Security
  • 00:28:02 = Bitwarden – Open Source Password Manager (
  • 00:29:54 = Proprietary Software on Linux: Do We Need It?
  • 00:57:34 = Gaming: SHING
  • 01:00:41 = Tip of the Week: /media
  • 01:02:45 = Software Spotlight: Super Productivity (To-Dos / Task Management)
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  1. Krita. Krita is project that should replace GIMP.
    It allows better non-destructive editing, masks and some vector graphics support.

    Only drawback is that occasionally little regressions happen, but I hope now when KDE moved into Gitlab, automatic test will finally be checked before integrating changes.

  2. Re proprietary vs open source, i think it in the end comes down to money. The reason people use the proprietary programs is because they sell their product and make enough money off of it to make high quality software and enjoyable user experience.

    Not saying open source doesn’t produce high quality software, but a lot of the time it ends up being simpler, or a less attractive looking application because the resources aren’t available.

    Would one solution could be for open source projects to simply just charge to purchase their app? I mean yeah there will be a bunch of people who will then just get it themselves for free, but the majority of people like myself who barely even know of the existence of things like github, we’d just pay for it because its way simpler than trying to figure out how to build it myself or fork it.

    So for example if in the app stores each app had a fixed price, and the choice is either pay for it and click install, or go searching around on the internet and do some magic on the command line to get hold of it for free, most “normal” non techie users would just pay for it.

  3. Avatar for Eltuxo Eltuxo says:

    If you ask me, i’d go for open source anytime. I think that you can have no better support than a lot of people, independent from each other, going over the code you wrote and distributed.
    If there are bugs to be killed or improvements to be made, they’ll be added by the community.
    Or at least there will be some proposals to do so. That’s something you don’t see often in proprietary software.
    On the other hand, this could be it’s downfall also. If nobody is taking the time to take a look at the code you wrote, it will never evolve.
    That’s where proprietary software has the upper hand. Those companies pay people to look at the code to make improvements, adjustments, etc.
    Here’s a problem though; there are only so much eyes to take a look at the code that has been written.
    I think, in the end, the group effort will win. The more people you have, dedicated to a project, the stronger it becomes.
    And that’s why i’ll go for open source anytime.

  4. Avatar for Ulfnic Ulfnic says:

    Krita needs to be shouted from the rafters. Having come from a lot Photoshop experience i’ve been back and forth between Krita/GIMP for a long time and there’s just no comparison. Krita should be front and center in any “vs Photoshop” debate, even to the exclusion of all else.

    Glimpse is just a fresh coat of paint on a project that isn’t designed to take on Photoshop. Hoisting up a meme of change is a distraction imho when Krita’s the real deal.

  5. Proton Drive vs. Mega ???
    At 21:25 You all mention ProtonDrive, The features of e2e encryption for file storage have been in place with Mega for several years now. How does this project differ? I understand that you use GPG for the encryption of the files but Mega also has encrytion as well. The project is also on Github… Thoughts?

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