Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 19 with Ikey Doherty of Solus for 4-24-17


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Enjade Wants to Recreate the Unity Desktop on KDE Plasma

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Ubuntu Is Switching to Wayland

Ubuntu 17.10 Is Named ‘Artful Aardvark’


Rosa Desktop Fresh R9 Plasma 5 & KDE4 versions Download

Deepin 15.4

  • Update system installer with full screen support. It provides a fuzzy background, facilitate auto detection of location and time and also provide QR code scan feature for providing feedback.
  • Ships Linux Kernel 4.9.8 which has more drivers for modern hardware components. It provides better stability and reliability
  • Better font rendering which resolves popup hints.
  • Enables ability to set different backgrounds in each virtual desktop
  • Provides better gesture support.
  • Optimized hot corner experience and better interaction design
  • A new collection of beautiful wallpapers.

Ikey Doherty

Solus Budgie Improvements

  • A new Alt + Tab window switching feature. This was a long awaited feature in budgie desktop and it was developed by offering a prize.
  • Budgie 10.3 provides more options for customization. You can customize clock applet. Also, raven – the control cum notification center – includes a new option to switch window controls to either left or right.
  • budgie 10.3 includes integration with recent release of gnome stack, ie, gnome 3.22+
    Art work download is supported with MprisClient and it addresses a bug which was more visible with Spotify.
  • Resolved the inability to pin GNOME Twitch via the Icon Tasklist
  • Resolved incorrect vertical alignment of the Clock Applet
  • Now ensure tray icons are evenly spaced, as a result of syncing our natray with upstream gnome-panel.
  • Improvements have been made to the Places applet

Solus Releases ISO Snapshot 2017.04.18.0

  • Bulletproof boot management out-of-the-box, leveraging clr-boot-manager to enable the maintenance and garbage collection of kernels, as well as configuration of the bootloader
  • the latest Mesa, 17.0.4
  • Linux Driver Management