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  1. My main gripe with Matrix is that there does not seem to be a good voice/video/screen equivalent that can be attached similar to discord or mumble. Otherwise it seems pretty solid in its functionality.

  2. The “intro music” gave me a laugh. :slight_smile:

    Also - to be fair, PopOS 19.10 had the Nvidia Optimus swapping before Ubuntu 20.04 or Linux Mint 20.

  3. I am a Linux Mint user and I have no problem with the web site. I’m more of a “substance over style” sort of person and it’s layout doesn’t bother me. It never worried me and was not put off by the layout when I was coming over to Linux Mint from Windows 7.


  4. Once the Matrix homeserver is re-implimented in Go (called Dendrite), that’s when I might consider installing my own. The current python-based homeserver is very performance-heavy, and RAM-hoggy, I hear.

    In the future, maybe I can squish a Dendrite server into a Raspberry Pi 4…

  5. if they integrated Mumble that would be amazing! That would solve the overall issue with Mumble too.

    Thanks :smiley: this seemed to have happened again this week so 181 is going to have some weird intro “music” lol

    However, did Ubuntu 19.04 have that though. Its possible that PopOS benefited in the same way as well on that.

    Not everyone will care for sure, this is true for most things. However, you want to put your best foot forward whenever possible but they have had the same bad website for like 15 years. They need to fix it. I mean look at the Cinnamon Spices website they made, it looks modern and overall quite good. Yet their main official website is disgusting in comparison.

    Interesting point, it is pretty heavy for sure and needs lots of resources.

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