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Segment Index

  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:00:53 Host Introductions
  • 00:01:24 What Michael has been up to
  • 00:03:45 What Noah has been up to
  • 00:05:45 What Ryan has been up to
  • 00:13:24 Sponsored by Digital Ocean · []
  • 00:14:34 Community Feedback: In Defense of Rolling Release by Nice Micro
  • 00:15:21 Excerpts from Nice Micro’s Video
  • 00:18:15 Our Responses to Nice Micro
  • 00:23:48 How To Send Us Community Feedback
  • 00:23:58 CentOS 8.2 Released & Noah Explains Why This Is Important
  • 00:25:11 Fedora getting updated Mesa drivers
  • 00:25:19 Discussion: Is Red Hat becoming more focused on the Desktop?
  • 00:35:41 Windows’ Fresh Start Tool Breaking Windows
  • 00:37:35 Discussion: Why we’re talking about Windows & WSL
  • 00:38:57 Discussion: Windows Users seem to never blame Windows even while aware of its problems
  • 00:40:34 Michael’s story about helping someone who said Linux was slow when comparing a Brand New Laptop to a 10 Year Old Laptop
  • 00:42:34 Main Topic: Ask Us Anything from the DLN Forum
  • 00:43:25 Q: Why doesn’t Noah have a beard?
  • 00:44:03 Q: Thoughts about Blender being used as a Video Editor?
  • 00:49:34 Q: What’s Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure Music or Movie?
  • 00:51:14 Q: Do any of you listen to offline / local music?
  • 00:52:03 Noah offers a simple way industries could eliminate piracy
  • 00:54:24 Ryan’s Answer to offline music (turns out he’s a hipster lol)
  • 00:56:08 Q: Microsoft buys Canonical what do you do?
  • 00:56:36 Noah plays devil’s advocate on Microsoft buying Canonical
  • 00:59:55 “it’s been this long since . . . “
  • 01:00:08 Q: Which superhero would you be?
  • 01:00:50 Q: Why did you make your own Network instead joining a network?
  • 01:03:47 Q: Are there any Microsoft products you guys would actually prefer to use if it were available on linux?
  • 01:05:10 What non-tech-related hobbies do you guys have?
  • 01:05:37 How often does @dasgeek have to replace/refill the bottles behind his monitor?
  • 01:06:20 Do you guys read fiction and if so what are some of your favorite books/series?
  • 01:07:58 Q: you are given a choice for all of your computers to be completely replaced with Windows 8.0 or Linux Mint 19.3 on BTRFS?
  • 01:09:26 Q: What old media-format would you bring back to have it somehow popularized today?
  • 01:10:15 Noah’s dream for a new media format
  • 01:11:45 Gaming: System Shock Reboot
  • 01:12:31 Michael tells his story about finding PC Gaming
  • 01:13:36 Our response to viewers who skip the Gaming section and why you should care about Linux Gaming
  • 01:19:26 Software Spotlight: Photopea (photoshop alternative webapp)
  • 01:24:17 Tip of the Week: fzf (command line search)
  • 01:26:04 Outro
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  • 01:28:24 the Journey Itself . . .
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  1. Ryan: “What is knew in your world this week? Please say it’s not new obs sceens because nobody cares.”

    Michael: “I do that anyway, but that’s not what we’re going to talk about. We’re going to talk about Next Cloud.”

    ::slick obs transition::

  2. It appears to have been funded, there’s a demo on Steam (maybe elsewhere) but it’s still in the build phase.

    They’re not updating their Kickstarter anymore (last update was 07.27.16) but they’re doing updates on their Steam page, last one was February (last link). Seems like a wait-n-see situation for now.

    Mention on DL:
    Steam, update (Feb 7, 2020):

  3. I know it’s a good natured ribbing, the timing was just hilarious, it’s like you owned him with an OBS transition especially being the first one in the video. Super meta.

  4. This was a really fun episode. Now I’m curious about which artists you like, @MichaelTunnell since you like dubstep, metal, and opera.

  5. @dasgeek - Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for finally giving me a good reason to respect gaming on linux. Good, sound logic and a very compelling argument. While I may never personally drift much farther beyond solitaire, I can appreciate, and benefit, from the innovation and advancements that come from gaming development on Linux. Your point in comparison to the mac game-space was well made.

    I was one of those people who only listened to the gaming news just to hear @zebedee.boss reaction to whatever humiliating title you exposed his poor patience to. In the future, I shall listen with renewed interest.

    Great Episode. I hope you guys can pull off another one like this again in the future.

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