Coming up on this week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re covering community feedback, we’re giving our opinions on the BEST Beginner Friendly Linux Distros, tips & tricks and software spotlight . . . and STOOL MERCH! All of this and much more on Episode 176 of Destination Linux!

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Topics covered in this episode:
  • 00:00:33 = Intro to DL176
  • 00:00:49 = Last Airbender of Linux
  • 00:02:20 = What Michael has been up to
  • 00:04:04 = What Ryan has been up to
  • 00:07:43 = New “Active Sitting” Merch (Stool Shirts)
  • 00:09:56 = Sponsored by Digital Ocean
  • 00:11:57 = Community Feedback about Audio on Linux like PulseAudio JACK Alsa
  • 00:16:59 = Best Beginner Distros
  • 00:43:09 = Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 GB RAM
  • 00:59:58 = Hardware Addicts: Ryan vs Wendy
  • 00:49:03 = Google Stadia
  • 00:54:32 = Software Spotlight: Weather Apps for Linux
  • 00:58:28 = Tip & Trick: Bash Shortcuts (Community Submitted)
  • 01:00:58 = Become a Patron of DL (Watch Live Unedited Versions & More)
  • 01:01:28 = Join the DLN Community (Forums Telegram Discord & more)
  • 01:02:13 = How to Send Community Feedback
  • 01:02:38 = DLN Store: Stool Merch & More
  • 01:03:36 = Where To Find Our Other Content
  • 01:04:31 = Active Sitting DVDs (apparenty lol)
  • 01:05:18 = The Journey Itself . . .
  • 01:05:26 = Outtake 1
  • 01:05:48 = Outtake 2
  • 01:06:12 = Outtake 3
  • 01:06:26 = Outtake 4
  • 01:07:14 = Switching to the Patron Post Show

Our Picks for DL176

Software Spotlight:

Weather Apps because geeks don’t go outside it’s important we have a good weather indicator on our computers. Here are a few to check out:

  • GNOME Weather:
    • Backend: libgweather
    • Forecast Length: 5-day
    • Hourly conditions: Yes
    • Location Search: Yes
    • Auto-location: Yes
  • Meteo
    • Backend: OpenWeatherMap
    • Forecast Length: 5-day
    • Hourly conditions: Yes
    • Location Search: Yes
    • Auto-location: Yes
  • Or from the Terminal like a real geek using

Tips & Tricks:

Hello all,

First time listener, I caught your most recent podcast regarding, and heard you mentioning little useful terminal command. Ctrl+L is an interesting one I’ve never heard before. Much like the others, I don’t see myself needing to hide my terminal lol, but my haste tends to cause me to typo ‘clear’ so that’s useful.

You also mentioned Ctrl+U and I actually use that a lot, but mostly with Ctrl+Y which returns the previous line that disappeared with Ctrl+U.

This can be useful for, if example, you’re about to run a series of commands on a target directory, and already wrote out the command. Instead of typing the absolute path each time, you can Ctrl+U after you’ve already typed out the command, change to target directory, and then press Ctrl+Y to return the typed out command.

It’s a small thing, but there are plenty of times where this allows you to complete a missed step without having to clear what you wrote.

I enjoy your podcast, and will probably keep listening!


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  1. Whaaaaat?!? A Kawasaki Ninja!!! We demand PICS!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. The best part about the Ninja is it’s sitting position is 1/2 touring 1/2 sport so you can do something called “active riding”.

  3. I kinda miss my Ninja. It was a yellow 250 and it made me smile every time I looked at it. Spent about $20 on gas every week to get back and fourth to work 80 miles (round trip) 5 days a week.

  4. Yes, because Ryan had already done 3 of the 5 that way and I felt like going all out on the alliteration. :sunglasses:

    I will try to find one . . . I think I only have one pic left of the time I had it. I wasnt much of a photo person back then and I wish I was.

    Ok I am impressed with this trolling! lol This has truth about the ride and also uses it to mock the stool . . .well done sir! lol

    I loved the 250 model of the Ninja because it was so flexible and took corners so awesome! I had a black 250 back in the day. I think now the 300 or 350 would be perfect because the 250 was just slightly underpowered at times but now with slightly more power combined with still being flexible. . …man that sounds awesome!

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