Coming up in this week’s episode of Destination Linux we deep dive into the topics of Linux Appliances, how Open Source can save lives, Raspberry Pi ventilator, Community Feedback, AI Dungeon in the Gaming section, our Software Spotlight, and Tips & Tricks. All this and much more on episode 170 of Destination Linux.

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Topics covered in this episode:

– Community Feedback:
– Mauro’s Experience with Rolling Release distros, especially Manjaro
– Ted writes us about Folding@Home
– join the DLN Folding Team with Team ID = 240869

– Main Topic of the Week:
– Linux Appliances & Products to Open Source Your Home

– News:
– Duke University Creates Open Source Protective Respirator
– Raspberry Pi Powered Ventilator

– Gaming:
– AI Dungeon
– an Open Source dungeon crawling game

– Software Spotlight:
– Atom (Text Editor)
– Sublime Text

– Tips & Tricks:
– Clearing Your Terminal / Command Line
– you don’t want to be caught Sudo’ing 😀
– clear = command to clear the terminal
– Ctrl+L = shortcut to clear the terminal
– Ctrl+U = clear out the current command line
– Ctrl+W = clear command line BEFORE the current position of the cursor
– Ctrl+K = clear command line AFTER the current position of the cursor

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  1. Can anyone help me with I got stuck at the login wall so I took the south exit through the Privacy Policy where I got super lost! It’s 67,333 characters but barely says anything?

    I got so turned around I ended up in the Terms of Service and got stuck on this line, “your license does not include the right to:” … “access the Services or Content in order to build a similar or competitive website, product, or service.”… but the game is under the MIT License? IS THIS SOME KIND OF RIDDLE???

    Any help appreciated. Great game just really hard to follow.

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