Coming up in this week’s episode of Destination Linux we deep dive into the topic of open-source, is it still important or should we welcome proprietary with open arms? Qt Company and KDE’s future, Raspberry Pi projects, and Intel get’s a boost. All this and more coming up right now on Destination Linux. This is a podcast about sharing our passion for Linux and Open Source. Destination Linux is show for all experience levels, so whether you’re a beginner to Linux or a Master Sudoer – welcome!

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  • Community Feedback:
    • Experiences with Universal App Formats
    • Debian Project Lead Voting
  • Main Topic of the Week:
    • Open Source vs Proprietary Software
    • What is Open Source?
    • Why is Open Source Important?
  • News:
    • Qt toolkit pivoting away from Open Source?
    • Digital Making At Home
    • Intel Gets A Boost In Linux Gaming
    • Proton Unveils New Testing
  • Software Spotlight:
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • shred command