Coming up on this week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re going to be discussing the tools used to produce DL and all our individual shows, we’re going to take a look at Ubuntu 20.04, giving tips and tricks along with our Software Pick and much much more.

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  • Community Feedback
    • EARN IT Act is Disgusting!
  • Behind The Scenes of Destination Linux
    • We break down the software and hardware that we use to make the show as well as other shows we produce on the Destination Linux Network. We cover the structure and processes for Destination Linux, This Week in Linux, DLN Xtend, Hardware Addicts and the Ask Noah Show.
    • Note: I am filling out the links for all the software/hardware after posting so they will be added soon.
    • Software:
      • OBS
      • Zoom
      • CodiMD (On Cloudron DO server)
      • Kdenlive for video editing
      • Auphonic
      • Fireside.FM
      • JACK Audio
      • Audacity
      • Reaper
      • Mumble
      • Cleanfeed Discussion
    • Hardware:
  • In Other News:
  • Software Spotlight:
  • Tips & Tricks:
    • shopt – command to set and unset (remove) various Bash shell options
      • shopt -s histappend


  1. Thanks for the show. I’ve been using Google Docs for podcast show notes for years, I’d like to take a look at Codimd. Does Codimd support the ability to grant permissions per document? In Google Docs, when I have a guest, I share that one document with them for input.


  2. Yes @stephencross you can specify permissions for a single document. Instead of inviting people via email we make the specific episode doc accessible via having the link and then send the link to the guest.

    It allows you to control access based on group permissions like registered, guests, etc and it also allows for read only access vs editing access.

  3. Thanks, everyone, for a very informative and entertaining episode! I am glad a lot of people in tech/open source are aware of privacy issues and don’t necessarily swallow hook-line-and-sinker everything they’re given in the name of “protection”…

    Very insightful, the inside info on tech used to produce the excellent podcasts that are part of the DL network!

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