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Special Guest Host:
Emma Marshall of System76 | Emma’s Twitter

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Ryan, aka DasGeek = https://dasgeekcommunity.com
Michael of TuxDigital = https://tuxdigital.com
Noah of Ask Noah Show = http://asknoahshow.com

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Topics covered in this episode:

Community Feedback:
– Accessibility on Linux
– Linux Personal Assistants
– Universal App Formats
– Portability of AppImages
– Possible Scope Creep of Snaps? (server and desktop)

Episode Topics:
Is the Brave browser the new Firefox?
Firefox 74 Released
Zorin OS 15.2 Released
AMD Accelerates Linux Development
Test Tube Titans (silly monster game? YES!)

Software Spotlight:

Tips & Tricks
Raspberry Pi Telegram Bot


  1. The audible gasp from Ryan when Emma announces Pop Shell with tiling.
    Loved it.

  2. Thanks, everyone, enjoyed this!

    With the private browsers, perhaps Tor also deserves a mention?

    @dasgeek I think as System76 are building both hardware and their own distro, it is great that they have strong links with hardware manufacturers and benefit from this. For other distros that aren’t so closely connected with hardware manufacture, I’m wondering if the key for them is to look at how to incorporate newer kernels faster? It’s surprising that Pop even beat Arch to hardware support if the majority of the work for that is in the kernel, or maybe I’m missing a point? Also the Test Tube Titans game looks pretty crazy but fun :slight_smile:

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